The Green Watch

Not all goblins are bad.

But thanks to a mask that allows him to appear human, Ben isn’t spending much time as a goblin anymore. Released from distrustful glances and prejudiced librarians, Ben luxuriates in his freedom, spending most of his time in the library, a place he can no longer go as a goblin.

His newly peaceful life is soon broken, though, when an unknown goblin arrives in Saint Louis, causing a stir with the Green Watch.

When Ben discovers the identity of the goblin, he’s forced to make a decision: to give him a chance or to treat him with the same distrust that Ben has always known.

The third in a series of short novels set in Saint Louis in the early 1900s and based on the 13th century Latin tale, The Benevolent Goblin.


David McElroy brings us back to his beloved fantasy adventure in The Green Watch! Ben and the rest of the Green Watch return, this time having to deal with another goblin that has crossed over into our world. I’ve always loved the moral undertones McElroy splices into his Good Goblin stories, and this new goblin provides a perfect foil for Ben as he struggles with deciding whether to trust him or not. The Green Watch is a wonderful continuation of this series and I’m excited to see what Ben and the others will be up against next!

Joshua, Amazon review

We love this series! It has a little bit of everything. My kids don’t want me to stop reading and would love to see it turned into a movie. It’s so fun to see how the story evolves through each book. Read it! You won’t be disappointed!

Nickie, Amazon review

I knew it would happen, but I was immediately sucked in once again. It is impossible not to root for Ben and his growing “family” of friends and supporters. I loved the character development in the last book, but the self discovery in this one was a really well done and natural progression for Ben. But I’m happy to report that what hasn’t changed is the funny and snappy dialogue. Totally worth a read.

Andrea, Goodreads review

The Series

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