Advanced Readers Wanted!

Advanced Readers Wanted!

I’m currently working on editing the third book in my Good Goblin series – The Green Watch! While it will be a couple months before it’s ready to be read, I wanted to start getting a list together of anyone interested in reading an advance copy of the book. Here’s how it would work…

1. Comment on this post and I’ll send you a PM
2. Once the book is ready, I’ll email you a digital copy
3. You read and (hopefully) enjoy the book!
4. On the day that the book is officially published, it would be incredibly appreciated if you could leave a review on the book’s Amazon page! (Be honest! I’m open to any and all feedback!)
5. Anyone who leaves an Amazon review will be sent a PERSONALLY SIGNED PHYSICAL COPY OF THE BOOK as thanks!

If I haven’t lost you yet and you’re still interested, just comment below! Thanks in advance to all potential readers!

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